Grail Message

Recommended Reading

For many good and seeking people, books like the Bible, or the Koran, the Vedas, the Sutras, the Tao, the Torah, and the like, make up the sacred or revered texts from which they find inspiration and guidance. For others, people who may be as good, spiritually open by any truly unbiased assessment, might prefer to rely on ethics, or philosophy or any of the sciences for their understanding of how to better understand and to be human in the world.

A good exercise to determine what a person values most might be answering the question, “Imagine if you knew you’d be abandoned on a deserted island for a year or more, but you’d have all your basic needs like shelter, sustenance and security seen to, and only allowed one item to take with you (who’s not a family member or companion), something like an instrument, or some item, a treasured book, favorite music, art project, or perhaps even some luxury, what would it be?”

Of course, I am begging the question, as a means to introduce a lesser-known text, one I hold in high regard, and such as I might choose given the exercise outlined above. For me it is true to its title, “In the Light of Truth,” and while I am not in a position to judge all the good writings listed above, the Grail Message is unique in the modern age in that it addresses unabashedly and unequivocally, the truth, and therewith naturally the limitations that the other sacred and revered writings were as yet unable to enter beyond, whether given their cultural origins, the unintended distortions over time, or the developmental state of believers and seekers then and now.

Granted, the Message is not intended for everyone, even now, and not all will be open to or attracted by its demands placed upon the reader, even as its introduction already attests to:

He who
makes no effort to grasp the
word of the Lord aright
burdens himself with

And yet, as example Jesus, truly the core teacher and teaching of Christianity, already was to have said to his disciples, no less, that there was much he would yet tell them, but they would not yet be able to understand him. Who can honestly say, also now, that all is known that might still be revealed? How much might already be contained in those words of warning and promise, if only we were open now to receive more of what he may have shared? And could this have been an issue for the other spiritual teachers in other times, as well?

A difficulty we have as human beings is our inability to oversee it “all.” And granted, while we naturally fear losing what we believe we already have, the truth constantly calls and demands we recognize more than we had been able to experience and even imagine before, while still remaining true. I suspect, this must apply to what we seek to hold revered and sacred, too.

Not that all we have been taught or believed need be wrong necessarily, as what is truth remains constant, while surely some truths may simply have been misunderstood, lost or yet to be revealed in full. Are we not then obliged to continue seeking, repent our new-found wrongs and live anew in the light of truth revealed, lest we be held responsible and have no one else to blame?

But I see that I have interjected myself, my thoughts and intuitive perceptions, upon what is here a Misfit Hermit quest for truth and art. And truly, I know my words are only at best a tiny, flickering candle in comparisons with the great sacred and revered works, which originally revealed light and kindled flame in the hearts, souls and spirits of all of us, whether again now or already in the past.

It is the Work, the words themselves, melded together with the reader’s inner experience for those who respond to its call, which best express, even again now:

Grail Message, In the Light of Truth, by Abdrushin