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Misfit Hermit narrows its focus now, from yearly seasons and the lunar phases of composite pages, to concentrate more so on weekly posts.

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Misfit seeds need every aspect of the moon, together with the frost and light of all life’s seasons, her helpers and his nemeses, to seek to evolve further into ethereal dreams of art.

The pages that follow are works-in-progress and password protected for the most part, allowing development and editing during their dormancy.

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Ethereal Melodies by Jessica Williamson

Shape-Shifting: Tree

northern oak


Once long ago I dreamed of seeing a tree

it, like me, was in the beginnings of youth;

later, as I approached maturity, had grown

the magnificent crown of the northern oak.

Standing solitary, an umbrella in open field

green its leaves atop sylvan silver reed,

when dreamlike I witnessed it to my surprise

miraculously transformed pure fountain stream.

Bursting forth from out the earth, a geyser

falling in soft perfectly curved semi-sphere;

so, as I stood beneath approaching nearer

beheld the thunder flowing cambium force.

Under canopy dome I felt as part, as one

standing like the tarot Magus magician;

one arm outstretched pointing at heaven

other toward the deep origins of earth.

tarot card

It felt cool and energized, focused, calm

when suddenly sap flowed up through me, too;

small river from out my fingertips left hand

cascaded across my heart from right above.

My feet felt rooted deep within the land;

would that I could have stood so forever

but in time the flowing slowly ceased

my inner hold to be gradually released.

So, was forced to leave that sacred place

but have not forgotten what it was like

to be sylvan or perhaps a forest sprite.





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